The Rumour Mill Film - Crowdfund Opportunity with lots of goodies.

Good friend of K94, Chris Hees, is producing a further animation.

60's Boy meets Nineties Boy

A great party night last weekend and many congrats to Shaun and Tyler. Your Illuminations, Delta Vega and Nineties Boy strut their stuff.  Here's a ditty from the latter.


Gary Saunt exhibition from 24th June in the venue.

Gary Saunt is welcomed back to Kardomah94 for us to enjoy his digital artistry.


Patricia’s paintings in the frame.

We have a new exhibition in the restaurant/bar every month organised by Nigel Walker of Creation Fine Arts.

125 days before Christmas, 130 events committed

The calendar is filling for the whole of the second half of 2016.

New Listing

Our new Listing has everything but we always try to accommodate more.

Referendum Blues? - Join us at Kardomah94 for adifferent evening.

The best slapstick comedy, a wine mountain and a cheese lake - all in the interests of European Harmony.

Mondays R Us

Come and join us for all our usual daytime treats on Mondays too.

"Nice place, very friendly staff" Our Reviews