THE GONGS - Entry details

The deadline for submissions if Sunday 26th Febrruary, 12.00 noon.


The theatre will be open for chilled out Sunday performances provided free to customers. 


Culture related videos by the BBC will be shown on the K94 BIG SCREEN.

Guardians of Culture


BLUES & TWOs - Timings Confirmed.

We start with The Steve Fulsham Band at 6.00pm.

Flagship in concert on Friday 13th Jaunary 2017

Folk meets Prog Rock at Kardomah94 with songs of local history and life in general.

The RIALTOS return Friday 20th January

It's been a pleasure to help arrangements along for the return of The RIALTOS after many years of doing whatever else the rhythm and blues maestros have been up to in recent decades.



What a present these tickets would be!  This is the first New Years Eve alternative for music lovers and those who enjoy good company. Hopefully it will become a tradition itself.

Hull's Angel

Hull's Angel hits the spot for charming Hullness.  I's a treat for the whole family, starting at 8.00pm evenings and a matinee 1.00 Saturday, Christmas Eve.

BLUES & TWOs preparation

Late Licence confirmed, line up timings being firmed up, sausage rolls on order, lots of interest.

"Amazing food and atmosphere!! Would recommend to anyone!!" Our Reviews