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THe GONGS - Entries exceed 2016. Fancy Being a Judge?

Date: 27th February 2017 | By: Mal

Films, however short, take a long time to organise and produce.  Thank you to all the talented enthusiasts and students, semi-professional and professional film makers from the Humber region for submitting their work to be independently judged for the eight categories of Rank Foundation GONGS at Kardomah94.  The awards go from strength to strength as the film making community now has an outlet to celebrate the diverse work created.

There will be three judges for each of the eight categories.  These are members of the cultural community, be it music, writing, performing, sculpting, filming, nose flutists, producers etc. etc. - with experience and judgement on their side to consider which submissions deserve commendations and the main prize - A GONG!!!  There a gap or two to be filled.  If you have such experience, have time over this next week and can work from a computer download of the brilliant work that's submitted please be in touch by email to Screen@kardomah94.com.  You'll enjoy as much of the week of regional film celebration at Kardomah94 as a thank you.


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