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BLUES & TWOs - Timings Confirmed.

Date: 30th December 2016 | By: Mal

BLUES & TWOs celebrates the talent of many of the best performers we’ve enjoyed during 2016 in our intimate venue. The Festival starts at 6.00 pm Saturday and extends well into the ‘barrier free’* morning of 2017. 

Blues is/are exceptionally well represented, befitting the regular Blues@K94 events hosted by The Nicol Band who will see us to Midnight.  The Saturday evening starts at 6.00 with The Steve Fulsham Band and the final performance starts around 1.00 am with Rivers Johansson & The Deemed Unrighteous.  You will not sleep.  Half Deaf Clatch also brings his own brilliant blues style to proceedings. 

Between Blues performances are the TWOs, an admittedly loose description for duets and collaborations including Andy and James from Fronteers, currently receiving national playlisting, the wonderful Emma King and Ritch following their 2016 CD release nationwide, Jackson D with Zack on percussion (and Sarah Shiels on bass/vocals) and Southstone with guitar and vocals that will blow your proverbials off.

The likely timings if you want to bob in and out are:

6.00                                 The Steve Fulsham Band

7.00                                 Half Deaf Clatch

8.00                                 Fronteers’ Andy and James

9.00                                 Emma King and Ritch

10.00                               Southstone

11.00                               The Nicol Band

12.10ish                           Jackson D

1.00                                 Rivers Johansson and The Deemed Unrighteous 

Tickets are only £20. Imisons butchers (Boothferry Road and Nirvana) are supplying pork pies and sausage rolls to buy on the night. Wold Top have supported us with the full range of brilliant regional beers and there’s an order placed with M&S for pastries to tuck into. Wearing swimwear, just like the adverts, is optional.

This looks like being the first year of a new year tradition so if you want to join us for an evening without fighting for attention at the bar and without the self-congratulatory musical fayre on the telly (that’s not as good as ours anyway), tickets can be reserved by leaving a message on 01482 317941 or with me on 07831 365 390 or take pot luck on the evening.  Please reserve if you can to avoid any risk of my/your disappointment.

Happy New Year and good luck in 2017.  If it’s not for you but might know folks who might appreciate the nod, please pass this on by whichever means, from pigeon to unsocial media sort of stuff. If you’ve not experienced the Kardomah94 venue then this couldn't be a better excuse to visit us. For everyone else, you know the welcome to expect.


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