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Date: 22nd December 2016 | By: Mal

The response to the Festival has been exceptional.  Tickets (only £20) are available from Kardomah94 and Hull Box Office.


The line up is:

The Steve Fulsham Band                       http://thestevefulshamband.co.uk/

Half Deaf Clatch                                    www.halfdeafclatch.com

Andy and James, Fronteers                    en-gb.facebook.com/fronteershull/

Emma King & Ritch Spence                     http://www.emmakingmusic.com/

Jackson D & Zach                                   www.facebook.com/jacksondsolo/

The Nicol Band                                       www.facebook.com/lesnic66/

Rivers Johansson &

The Deemed Unrighteous    en-gb.facebook.com/riversjohanssonMUSIC/

Southstone                                      www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvJdTy5HII0

It starts at 6.00pm 31st December and there's a new performance every hour until 2.00 am on New Years Day.

We've got Imisons pies and sausage rolls, M&S pastries, snacks and a very well stocked bar to enjoy - with the generous support of Wold Top Brewery.


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