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BLUES & TWOs preparation

Date: 15th December 2016 | By: Mal

We seem to have hit a need for the best regional music to be celebrated at New Year.  It's only £20 for eight performances that will be brilliant in themselves with the added guarantee that you won't be battling with the rest of the world to be ignored at the bar or have to put up with yet another bloomin Hootenanny self-congratulatory dirge on the gogglebox.  Instead you'll be with friends, enjoying the sound and feel of brilliant regional music, regional beers and enough space to enjoy both the theatre and the restaurant.

The conservative first order of sausage rolls and pork pies has been made to the best creators of such art in the known world, Imeson's on Boothferry Road and I'll see what sweeter frippery can be provided from M&S to keep us going.  Veggie etc. somethings will be equally encouraged.

We can't wait.  We hope that this event will be on the calendar for years to come.  The Nicol Band and The Steve Fulsham Band were brilliant here last weekend.  Just ask anyone who was there.

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