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The Caretakers taking care

Date: 9th December 2016 | By: Mal

It may not have the heritage of the Mona Lisa but 'The Caretakers' painting by Geoff Hewitt has something of a similar effect. The eyes of two characters, having a break after floor mopping, seem to keep their eyes on you when you step inside the bar and where ever you end up.  That's twice the value of anything in The Louvre.

They can't look through walls should the theatre be your destination - as far as I'm aware anyway. They do, however, seem to be resigned to the fact that their duties will be required at the end of the day. They are waiting for us to leave before starting their everyday routine. 

I just hope that they stay on the wall until we've made our best efforts to be ready for the next day. Even if they do venture from their all-seeing position they do look as if a natter rather than a fright is on the cards - and we'd have to start the conversation.  I don't know their names but I'll go for Paul and Dave as life has happily been full of Pauls and Daves.  It just has. Weird but happily true.

The exhibition is on until the New Year.

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