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BLUES & TWOs Festival - New Year's Eve

Date: 23rd November 2016 | By: Mal

1) Loads of folks don't know what to do at New Year, after having enough of the 'traditional' night out of hassle and excess and no enthusiasm for TV fayre.

2) We've the best sound system for our size in the region, appreciated by the best musicians, with Matt and Mikey on sound and stage and are keen to encourage more folks to enjoy the combination.

So BLUES & TWOs was born, celebrating our regular Blues collaborators, The Nicol Band and their guests and highlighting the talent of duet performers who have graced our stage.

The line up is (the order to be confirmed) The Nicol Band, The Steve Fulsham Band, Rivers Johansson and The Deemed Unrighteous, Half Deaf Clatch, Emma King and Ritch Spence, Jackson D and Zack, Southstone (Derk and Mike) and the Fronteers' frontmen, Andy and James.

We start at 6.00 with a new performance on each hour, subject to a break around 12.00 We finish around 2.00 am.

There'll be a few savoury and sweet snacks to keep us going.  To avoid a crush and yet maintaining the atmosphere tickets are limited and only in advance from K94 and Hull Box office, £20.

Go on.  What's the alternative?

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