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The mackerel are in again - and bigger too!

Date: 18th August 2016 | By: Mal

OK - I'm not the best fisherman but am one of the keenest.  To have the chance to catch my favourite eating fish - the humble but certainly shouldn't be humble mackerel - prepare it, hot oak smoke it and then spread the lurve at K94 is an ambition fulfilled and hopefully to be repeated.

Everything fell in to place on Wednesday but early on seemed to be the wrong choice as wind against tide meant a lumpy hour or so's journey down the Humber to the clear waters of the North Sea. Imagine a drive down Perth Street West's speed bumps without suspension.  Negotiating the turmoil of the Binks - the rolling waves way out to sea as the river meets the North Sea beyond Spurn - could be a bit too much for 20 ft 'Emma'.  Instead of heading North, the Lincolnshire Coast was closer, less daunting and immediately delivered the first mackerel as soon as the water cleared of the silt that Leeds kindly sends us.

Trolling is not skillful, other than judging the speed against the water depth as feathers on hooks (yes feathers) are pulled behind the boat just above the sea bed. As the tide slowed and wind and tide combined, the sea became a gentle lolloping host so that Emma and her ever-pinker glowing passenger could relax. The greatest stress was worrying about the attention of pods/shoals/groups of seals who's constant attention out from Donna Nook meant fingers were crossed that tangles would be avoided.

A couple of hours and the protection of Trinity Sand at Spurn gave a level platform to top, tail and clean the catch of around 20 good sized mackerel.

Chilled and filleted they were hot oak smoked in a large oak wine barrel in the back garden and delivered to the K94 fridge on the same evening.

We hope that you enjoy them, served with a chilli mayonnaise and special salad, just as nature intended - as interfered by us.

The poster lies regarding the East Yorkshire bit.  These mackerel had yellow bellies.

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