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125 days before Christmas, 130 events committed

Date: 22nd June 2016 | By: Mal

Other than special occasions we are generally open for events on Tuesday through to Saturday evenings. That gives us 125 evening opportunities before Christmas.

I've just filed the initial information on the website calendar.  This includes 130 events (some daytime).

Our thanks to those who create Festivals in theatre, exhibitions, music of many genres, comedy and spoken word that increase the cultural capacity of the region.  Thanks also to the independent approach of so many who really make the whole process so exciting with originality and enthusiasm.

If you've a daytime or evening event to organise and you feel that K94 could help please be in touch sooner rather than later and we'll see whether together we can fill a gap in the calendar.

Thanks to the team at K94, front of house, behind the scenes and supporting us professionally and technically without whom none of this would be possible.


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